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What we notice as we age is that we start to lose volume in our face. Although we may desire to lose inches around our waists or have slimmer thighs, the one place we WANT fat and volume is on our face! Dermal fillers can take years off your appearance by replacing lost volume to create a more attractive, youthful appearance. It is a great alternative to surgical procedures as it provides immediate satisfaction with little to no downtime, while maintaining a natural look.


At the DermaSpa, Dr. Iacobelli personally performs all of the injections. He utilizes FDA-approved fillers, such as Restylane and Juviderm to help restore volume. Using his advanced techniques, Dr Iacobelli can use dermal fillers in the nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, and marionnette lines.

Once you meet with Dr. Iacobelli he will determine the best facial filler injections Clinton MI for your specific needs. The actual injection takes only minutes! After the treatment, we will apply ice-packs to the treated area allowing you to immediately apply makeup as long as you are careful not to press or rub the treated sites. You will notice an immediate result at your appointment with little to no downtime. Follow-up treatments will be required to maintain results and the frequency of additional injections will depend on the specific filler used.

Many patients are intimidated by the idea of fillers and injections for fear of looking “done” or over-plumped (especially in the lips!). Rest assured, Dr. Iacobelli is an excellent injector with a conservative approach.

If you are tired of your sagging cheeks or deep nasolablial folds, it’s time to consider dermal fillers. Please call for your complimentary consultation – the results are immediate, dramatic, and long-lasting.

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